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Safe or not?

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My street has been doing water pipe changes and stuff for the past week and they are still not done. Once the water is back on, it's quite dirty plus there's a smell.


All my water for tanks go through RO first but not sure if my filters are enough to handle all that.


Should I make RO water and do my water change or skip a week or two?

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Maybe TDS readings going into the RO unit and TDS readings coming out of the RO unit will help see if the cartridges need replacement?

But I have RO/DI so what if it's just DI getting TDS to 0 while other filter parts are no longer working?


My water isn't hard. Only 45-49 TDS tap

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I would shut the RO/DI down for a week and it will allow the new pipes to flush. In the mean time I would just get store bought RO and do the WC. Ten gallons can be had for $3.50 (@ .35¢ a gallon) or distilled water $1+ a gallon. A lot cheaper than replacing filters and resins.

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