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What would you do with $200 in this scenario?


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As someone new to the hobby, I'm curious to see what you guys think you'd do in this scenario. If the below items were all you had to begin a shrimp breeding hobby and you were given $200 to improve it, what would you buy? And why?


The scenario: You have a 20 gallon 4 month old tank with a light covering of "easy" plants and some basic sand substrate with a piece of driftwood. You have a Tetra whisper filter. You have about 10 CRS. Your toolkit includes API Stress Coat, Tetra EasyStrips, Hikari Crab Cuisine, API Tetracycline, Fluvial Biological Enhancer, API Triple Sulfa, and an API Ammonia test kit.

EDIT: Also a tank hood with 15 watt fluorescent bulb.


That's it! How would you improve it if you only had $200?


(Note: While somewhat based on my setup, this tank is only theoretical. There is no $200 to spend. This is just for fun!)

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Shrimp tanks don't need much heck one of my tank setup cost $40 total.



I would get active substrate like ADA 2 bag's + shipping roughly $80, and also add a sponge filter.


Light's are optional upgrade but not required if moss can grow in the tank.


Spend the rest of my upgrade money on SHRIMPS!!

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