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new nano tank (7.9 gal) & wondering what to put in it


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I just recently got one of those Fluval nano tank kits (lights, co2, etc.) because I just liked the looks of it.  I'm primarily into planted tanks & it's been a long time (yrs!) since I had a small tank.


I was going to grow a minature land scape in it and thought I'd get a fancy betta or a small group of neons to add some life & movement.


Then someone in another forum mentioned shrimp & I started to think about adding shrimp to this tank.  Not with a betta, naturally, but would they do well with some neons?  Do shrimp eat little fish? (I know that crayfish will eat anything they can catch)


Can you combine fish and shrimp at all in a little tank?


What would be a good "starter" shrimp that has nice color & would be happy in a small (7.9 gal) planted tank?

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Other way around, actually - fish will eat shrimps.

It is harder to keep small tanks stable, and stability is what shrimps need. And you can do CO2, but it takes skill, apparently.

Not to dissuade you from shrimping, but it is good to know what you're getting into.

Cherry shrimp make a good starter as they are generally not too tricky to keep (does depend on your water source, tho), colorful, and inexpensive. And tons of fun to watch :)

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Cool! I love small tanks. I want to redo mine with a bunch of dwarf hair grass and driftwood.

Anyway... Any neo would be a good beginner shrimp and they come in lots of colors.

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i think you could totally do shrimp once you are fully cycled and established! i ran co2 with cherries and it worked out fine. check out some celestial pearl danios. they mix well with shrimp.. they may eat some babies but they can both thrive together too. neons WILL eat the baby shrimp. good luck!

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Ideally it depends what you want to accomplish. If you want to keep shrimp and successfully breed them, I would shy away from any fish. If you want to keep shrimp more as decor, and have neons as a centerpiece, then by all means that possible, just try to buy sub-adults to adult shrimp.


A wonderful starter shrimp that always is a nice contrast to green is a Red Cherry Shrimp, or Neon Yellow Shrimp. Two easy to keep shrimp that are bold in color.


Glad to see your making a step in the shrimp direction. 

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Yes, I'm definately dangling a toe into the shrimp pool :)


I hate to admit to considering either fish or shrimps just "decor", but I have to admit that I got the co2 tank kit, vs a non co2 kit because I wanted to grow a couple of plamt species that I'd not had much luck with in low-tech tanks.


I really don't want to breed either fish or shrimp, I've been down that road in the past (not deliberately) and found dealing with overflow population to be really wearing.  You either get calous to the point of either feeding the fry to the other fish/cats or simply putting them into the compost heap.  You quickly run out of local people who want them, and I've never wanted to get into shipping critters.


That brings up another question that's crossed my mind... How long do the hardier speicies of shrimp live?  (Given prime conditions) 

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I love the fluval flora kits, such a nice tank! I have yet to use rhe co2 or internal filter, but here is mine! Be careful about the fish you get, most will nip at shrimp. I keep otocinclus and panda loaches with my yellow neos without issue.

This is my fluval tank, it will house my tangerine tigers. :)


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