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RO vs DI (De-Ionization) of water.

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I see a lot of you guys mention RO water, and rarely do I hear anyone mention De-Ionization.


Coming from a Salt Water Reef background, all my water goes thru RO and then DI, so I'm left with 0 TDS Water (and in the case of my tap water, finally 0 nitrates)


No worries using DI over RO, correct?  I'll just have to use a bit more re-mineralizer to get the TDS backup correct?


When most of you mention RO, are you suggesting RO/DI water and just saving the typing time, or do most of you get by with just De-clorinating (via Carbon for City water) and Reverse Osmosis?


Thanks all!

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I just take it as far as RO. I don't do DI.

Note that I only have neocardina shrimp, though, so I can't speak for all. My product water is 4 TDS. I'm fine with that.

I think you'd just be that more certain that your water is pristine with the usage of DI. Certainly shouldn't hurt anything.

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I use RODI water, I find if I can start completely from scratch, create the exact water parameters I want, I can be more consistent and my shrimp more happy. 

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