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Ohhh not another red moss (new species, undetermined, submersed)


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hi there, i told you i will get a second red moss. here it is, with pictures also from natural environment. i do not know at this point how it will behave in tanks.


it has obviously natural red pigment in tissue. and it lives strictly in water.


Kind regards to all shrimpspot members



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sadly the most interesting red moss that i managed to get, does develop green in tanks. even if it is that gorgeous and lives totally submerged in nature, i realy tried it with co2, very high light, very low light and so on.... it simply wants to grow green. i presume the temperature is to high for it to keep only the red natural coloration.


at this point i can say that for this year the testing of red mosses is over as the most interesting species that i hoped will develop red did not bring the expected results. 


so i can say finally that the ones that hope for a real red moss for their tanks should accept for now that only the purple angel is fit, but that this species need to be grown half submersed half emersed, and that it really grows extremely slow. the other "candidates" as mosses did not made it in the hobby (only as regular green mosses).


with these conclusions the "red moss species project" i intended for this year is done (i made documentation research for more than 4 years now about these red mosses) and i will simply focus on the other fissidens species that are still out there.


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