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OEBT Questions


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Hey guys I was just wondering if oebts will do okay in crs parameters? There seems to be a lot of differing information on them, I guess that means they can adapt to a variety of conditions. What do you guys keep your oebts at?


Also, blues can have blonde offspring and vice versa correct? So no culling is needed?

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They can adapt just fine to CRS conditions. Otherwise we wouldn't have things like Tibee's.


I keep mine with CRS/CBS without issue. Breeding may be a little slower, but no real issues.


Blues can have Blondes and vice versa, you are correct. Some choose to cull the blondes, but I personally enjoy them, so I don't.

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Absolutely, I actually kept my OEBT with Taiwan Bees to breed Tibees. The most important aspect to keeping OEBT in outside of normal water parameters is acclimation. Taking your time to acclimate them is imperative. 


Culling is definitely needed for OEBT, as you noted they throw blondes and unless you want your deep dark blues diluted you need to move your blondes elsewhere.

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