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Wanting to start a caridina tank!

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Hi everyone, I want to maybe start a crystal red or tb tank but I don't really know where to start! I know you have to use RO water with a remineralizer, but I'm not at all familiar with all that! Could anyone kinda break it down for me? Like where to get good RO water and which reineralizer? Also, what is the best tank size to start? Im debating between a 10 gallon or 20 long! Thanks everyone! :)

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I would recommend a 20L tank, I used RO from Walmart for almost a year with no problems. If you are going to refill your own RO water jugs from a grocery store or Walmart test the TDS before you use it. Some machines are not serviced regularly and the water quality is not ideal. The water should test under 12 TDS and ideally under 5. For reminerlaizers Salty Shrimp gh + is the most affordable for the amount it makes but it is a powder and can be hard to mix consistent batches. For liquid remineralizers I would recommend MK Blue Diamond or SL Aqua Blue Wizard.

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