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Fissidens rufulus "Gerhild"


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Fissidens rufulus "Gerhild"

grows up to 30-40 mm long, it has small "branches" unlike most Fissidens species. it lives regularly underwater, likes flowing water, but sometimes it is written that it can also live in lakes, it grows in sunlight but also shady places.

This species was by far the most difficult to find. it took 4 years, 5 expeditions and more than 3000 miles to find it.

these are the first images of better details and it will take a while growing it in artificial conditions. i am sure it will establish in our hobby, as it is much to nice, can build large surfaces, and developes very well submerged. Enjoy and all the questions are welcomed.

when i work with mosses i always document first , i am posting here also very old documents proving that this species is natively live SUBMERGED. Sorry for expressing things clearly but it seems that sometimes we have come to the point that we need to include also such details to prove that we do not talk unreal things.

for the hobbist.. i want to express clearly that some of these special mosses are getting through a very long way *thisone took about 6 years) between documentation in different sources, and finding in the end the species and presenting it for us in this hobby. It is sometimes a hard work, not just buying somewhere and selling and presenting it afterwards.

Gerhild is the commercial name i personally chosen, the scientific names is Fissidens rufulus. I was asked often about commercial names, that is why i choose to pick thisone.

when i am learning and documenting abou mosses i really use plenty of recources (in this case even 150 years old original documents and conserved vegetal material), but usually it is even more than that.




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