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ADA aquasoil

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I always cycle all of my shrimp tanks with RODI water. If you have RO or RODI water I would recommend using it in your scenario.

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you dont have to mineralize for cycle. wait until things are stable then do 50% water change and add your remineralizer of choice.


every tank is different to cycle time. no set schedule. just have to let it do its own thing. its a creature.

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How long does the cycle usually take you? I'm asking since I saw that your shrimp tanks don't have a lot of plants to use up ammonia.


I usually cycle my shrimp tanks anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Ultimately it depends on the cycle. Shrimp tanks don't need alot of plants, because there is little waste. The key behind the cycling process is bacteria, the more bacteria available to breakdown the ammonia to nitrite, and nitrite to nitrate the quicker the cycle will finish. Many hobbyists don't like the wait and proceed using pre-seeded filters, me on the other hand usually just take my time and allow for the cycle to finish when it sees fit.


Bostoneric is 100% correct, don't waste your remineralizer on cycling, just wait until your cycle is complete then remineralize.

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