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Putting OEBT in a CO2 injected tank ??


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I will be growing some OEBT shrimp in a different aquarium and would like to put a few in the CO2 display tank. The CO2 will be off during lights out. So the pH will rise during the night.


Right now in my CO2 display tank the GH=6, KH=3, pH=7.2 before CO2 and 5.8 after CO2 injection. Should I boost the KH to maybe 5dH? that will put the CO2 pH at about 6.3

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Not saying it's impossible but I've never had great results in co2 tank. I would have a few berries but not alot of juvie would survice.

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I have see very few have great success with CO2 and higher-end shrimp. Though it can be done, you must find a balance, and really stabilize your water parameters the best you can, PH monitor greatly helps. With that said, your PH looks to fluctuate quite a bit, I would try to reduce the amount it changes, as it will help in stabilizing your parameters more so than not.

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