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Fish less Cycle Problem

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So I have been fish less cycling a 10 gallon aquarium for about 3 weeks now, Nitrates showed up about a week ago and just last night I was examining the tank and noticed I had little worms crawling on my driftwood. They are so small I really didn't notice them until now. I have been using SD products along with dr tims ammonia drops to cycle the tank, and I think the worms may be feeding off of the Snewy cereal? None the less I really want to rid myself of these unappealing creatures. My cycle is nearly complete and I really don't want to tear the tank back down, I have heard about no planaria, but I have no idea if it will treat the worms I am faced with. They are so small it would take a magnifying glass to see the shape of them, and there are already 100s in the tank all over the glass and all over my frogbit and java moss! Any help and/or feedback with be greatly appreciated! 

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