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giving birth and the timing of things ?

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I have been eagerly waiting for the first of my high grade red bees imported from Germany to have their first batch of young, as it seems to have taken ages for them to come into berry. Already my TBS also imported at the same time are about to have their third generation. Anyway the waiting game was finally over and I saw that my one big berried female had lost what I thought was most the eggs. Within days I noticed the first of the stunning little high grades appearing. It's quite a heavily planted shrimp only tank, but I counted at least twelve babies and I'm sure there were several more hidden. From previous births with my other shrimp I would see a full berried female one day and then almost overnight I would see she had given birth and there were no eggs left. However with this female she seems to have hanged onto a few eggs and never hatched them and a week later still has them. In fact when I saw her today she seemed to have even more eggs. This would indicate that she can be berried again with a week of laying her first eggs, but why did she then hold back some of her eggs or were these still a week behind in their development.


In conclusion it would seem that mature adults can almost be giving birth round the clock with hardly a break between clutches ? I would welcome any advice or thoughts on this and the timings of things ? How long would it take her to lay or give birth to a full batch of eggs and what is the minimum time between spawnings ? Needless to say she has left me a bit confused :)

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I will chime in to my experience with berried females.


I have noticed a number of individuals saying their females are holding a portion of the clutch. Most times when they are mischlings of some sort. It seems that the mother knows when the shrimplets are ready, continuing to fan them until they are far enough developed.


In my PRL Tank, I noticed within it seems days when a female has rid herself of all the shrimplets she is berried once again. 

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