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LFS suggested aquatop pf 40 uv filter

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my first question here. i was at the lfs and was just picking up some food and filter media.

the guy that i usually talk to stops by and asks how it's going.

i tell him my 20 gallon shrimp tank is a little cloudy looking, i was just there picking up some 

filter media to "polish" the water hoping that would solve the issue.

he says hey i have this aquatop uv filter on sale...

well i bought it and now am not sure i need it?


i currently have a biowheel 150 and a sponge rated for 20 gallons running...


thx for any thoughts

oh currently 6 julii cory and a dozen rcs

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Hi.  Welcome.  Go to bulk reef supply and watch the video on uv.  They have some of the most accurate information on them I have seen.  You can learn quite a bit on them there.  Seachem purigen will polish your water very well and would be easy to put in with your bio wheel in Seachem's the bag. That is the best bag for purigen.

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If your water has a milky cloudy look to it your having an algae bloom, turn the lights off for a spell to kill it off/slow it down. Add some new rinsed charcoal in the back in a mesh bag as well.

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