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HELP QUICK please - filter stopped

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I have 2 aquaclear filters (AQ20 & AQ30) and a double sponge filter running on my 20 gallon tank. Apparently last night around 8PM the big HOB filter stopped working. Can I just try to re-start it now, or do I have to worry about dead bacteria and metabolites being washed into my tank when I start it back up? It's been sitting without running for almost 22 hours...


(BTW, It contains ceramic rings, a sponge, purigen, and charcoal).

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Thanks, guys. I took out all the filter media, rinsed it out in cups of tank water (would have done it anyway for tonight's scheduled water change), siphoned all the gunky water out of the HOB, and then restarted it. I added a couple drops of Prime to the tank, and everyone seems OK. I've been watching for signs of distress, and see none. Phew!

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