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Alternative to fenbendazole for tubifex problem in shrimp/snail tank.

Mr. F

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I've been battling a pretty serious tubifex worm problem in a 10g aquascaped white cloud tank which I recently turned to an neon orange/yellow neo tank. They have infested a large portion of the gravel in the front of the tank and have become a major eyesore as well as a nuisance to regular feeding. I've been looking for a biological alternative to fenbendazole, since the tank has also become home to a large number of horned nerite and pink ramshorns. Removing all of them isn't really an option as I really have no where to keep them while I go through the water changes to ensure all the fenbendazole is out of the tank before returning them.

What I mean by a "biological" alternative is an animal of some kind, either a shrimp, fish, or snail. I am not so worried about losing a few small shrimp or snails to predation, although it is obviously my goal to limit deaths in the tank. I have considered baby khuli loaches as they have small mouths and eat voraciously from the gravel, but I haven't picked any up yet. I am planning on trying them first, and soon, unless anyone has had experience this issue before and/or has any suggestions on handling this.

Thank you!

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