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Good news, bad news...what happened?


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The good news is SHRIMPLETS!!  Yay!!  :D :D  The last time I bought 3 shrimp one of them was pregnant, and she gave birth to over 20 babies!  That was on December 7.  I know because I was checking her daily.  So I had 3 mature shrimp (only) and a herd of shrimplets.  The mature ones were all confirmed females.  I believe this because I have had no pregnancies for months with those same shrimp in my tank.  (The tank had 3 mature adults, then I added 3.  One died right off, then one of my old ones died, and a 3rd hasn't been seen in over a month.  So only 3 adults.)


So last night I spotted one of my mature shrimp, and she was pregnant!  Oh my!  I guess one of the less than one month old babies got her pregnant??  I think my tank is on the warm side, and they've been growing quickly, but still!  Very exciting though.  Very happy.


But this morning the bad part- the pregnant shrimp was found dead.  Bummer.  I have no idea why.  She was definitely adult, so it wasn't the pregnancy that killed her, was it?  And would anyone care to speculate on how young/old a shrimp is mature?


I have such hopes for my tank, finally!  I have babies, even if she came pregnant.  The babies are all growing well, so I have hopes they'll reach a healthy maturity in my tank.  And I even had a pregnancy of my own!  (albeit a short lived one)

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Congratulations and sorry to hear, but I think the first step to helping solve the mystery is asking what are your current water parameters?



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