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Shrimp Food/ Will they breed?


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Just bought National Geographic shrimp food. Does anyone have experience with this food?


My other questions is in regards to breeding. 

i have bought 16 blue dream neos. My 29 gallon aquarium is heavily planted (rocks as well), but I have guppies. They have been in there for three months, will my shrimp ever breed?


temp is 75 F

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Three months is a bit of time to not see any berries but maybe give it another month or two. Took my blue pearls a few months to finally get their first berry but my yellows got berried in thr mail. But maybe its takes a little longer for them to breed in a community tank. I've had some shrimp in a heavily planted 40b with some other fish and ot seems like they breed slower than my shrimp only tanks.

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