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Some of my CRS


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Hi All,

Its been long posted any image in the forum, so here are some of my CRS/CBS images. Have been bugged badly by shrimp bug and put up multiple tanks.

Currently having 7 CRS tank running.

One 60*18*18 with all mixed grade.
One 24*12*12 with all mixed grade.
One 30*18*18 currentlty cycling will house mixed grade.
One 30*18*18 housing PRL higher grade.
One 30*18*18 housing PBL higher grade.
One 30*18*18 hosing starting grade PBL.
One 24*12*12 housing medium grade hinomaru and mosura.


A mix grade CRS mommy.
Clicking the mix grade is a pain, as the tanks are full with green algae and cant clean it as babies feed on it.



A starting grade Taiwan PBL

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