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Experience with fire bellied toads and other species in paludarium

Mr. F

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Hey all,

So I was talking with my girlfriend who is the very motherly owner of two beautiful young White's Tree Frogs. She also has a nice 10g set up with a dope stand and room for a 5-8g on the bottom with nothing in it. Also lots of decor, a UG heater, a waterfall filter (not sure about the gph), and a in-tank 1-3g filter. I was gonna take the tank and stand and make a split 3/3/3 set up for more shrimpery, but she's expressed a lot of interest in fire bellied toads, and all of the rare variations. She wants to set up a nice, relatively low-maintenance paludarium/vivarium in the 10g. Her initial thoughts were toads, turtles, to micro fish or bettas/anything less aggressive of similar or smaller size. But the turtles would likely take out the micro fish. I've seen similar set ups, albeit considerably larger (20g+). Wanting toads with multiple species. Maybe shrimp or crays it they don't get poisoned by the frogs...

So I am open to suggestions for species of flora and fauna from those of you with experience. Suggestion for low-maintenance ideas. Also, I was thinking the submersed section of about 2.5-4g. Any input welcome!

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