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Taitibee For Sale


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These shrimp are the result of pseudo tibee (TT x CRS) crossed with Taiwan Bees. Their colors and patterns will vary. They are part of my pinto project which I have been working on for over a year. The majority of these are f1 and f2. The f1 females are already producing pintos along with f1 steel patterns. The offspring from the shrimp you'll receive will vary from pinto patterns, TBtibee and steel patterns. So, now's your chance to scoop some up. Shrimp will be a random pick of pattern and sex. Feel free to contact me with any questions about these shrimp. I only have a limited amont available.


Price- $15.00 each (minimum 4 please)

My parameters are

TDS- 140-145
GH- 4-5
Temp 72

My Gallery

The link only works on a desktop computer. It won't work on Tapatalk.


Shipping is &12.00 USPS Priority Mail (DOA Guarantee) I'll include a heat pack only if your temps fall below 30 deg fahrenheit.

$35.00 shipped USPS Express (DOA Guarantee) DOA guarantee will only be valid if you send me a clear picture of the dead shrimp inside the bag next to my shipping label within an hour of their arrival. However, shipping will not be refunded.


Shrimp will only be shipped Mondays and Tuesdays only.


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These are awesome taitibee's. This past week I got my first babies and one of the them looks just like this one. Father was likely a BKK from shrimpscales. I hope you don't mind me using your pic Andy.

Congrats Vince! Glad to hear thry're doing good! I actually saw that shrimp the other day. So far he's my best looking "black" pinto. I'll have to get some updated pics soon!

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