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Need General advice and instructions


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I have 6 blue dream neos in a 29 gallon aquarium that is very heavily planted. I used to have 12 in the five months ago, but now only the 6 remain. I think this can be attributed to a few things. The other tank inhabitants are small Lazuli guppies and mini blue crayfish. They are both breeding like crazy. However, my shrimp are not breeding at all. My water parameters are perfect, so I think the 6 deaths could have either come from the other tank inhabitants or my inexperience of feeding shrimp.


Currently I feed them Shikura and nat geo shrimp and lobster. I also blanch zucchini cucumber and spinach. Unlike pictures of other shrimp tanks where all the shrimp go to the food, mine never do that. Although they are out in the open a lot, just not on food. I also used indian almond leaves and they never touched those. Therefore this is what I would really appreciate. Could someone give me their favorite food and exact regimen they do with it? Do you think people on this forum would trade blue dream neos for mini blue crayfish? I want to start over without them, because when I added them it seemed to start the disappearing of shrimp. The mini blues originally come from Shrimp Ricky.



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I think you are spot on.  Have you ever seen a berried female?  Even if she did hatch her eggs the shrimplets will make good food.  But some may survive due to the number of plants.  Also I've heard co2 will stop them from breading.


I'm sure you will find someone who will trade.  Post in the marketplace.  I have some crays but 150 plus blue dreams so don't need any more at the moment.  Good luck to you.

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I have black & blue diamonds myself and can attest that I lost a couple when I first started out. It took them a couple of months to finally get breeding, but now they are like rabbits. My feeding regime consists of monday (CSF Ominapro Edge) / wednesday (CSF Ominapro Edge) / friday (Some sort of other food: Lowkeys Ebi210!, MK Breed Cheeseburger, MK Breed Black Diamond). I follow this regime for about 3 weeks, then on week 4 I feed a tiny amount of snow flake type food on wednesday and that is it. It kind of lets them reset from all the protein. At least that is what I think happens.

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