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Odd spine and shrimp ID

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I've got two shrimp that I have questions about. One is this female, she has an odd divot in her spine, by her tail, as you can see in the picture. She's perfectly active and healthy, with regular sheds, but is this spine oddity anything I have to worry about?



And two, what kind of shrimp is this male on the Anubias leaf? I mean, I know he's a neo, but all the shrimp I ordered were suppose to be Orange Sakura, which I'm pretty sure he's not (especially when compared to the male next to him). Is he a cherry, a  low quality orange, or what? And what would happen if I let him breed with my nice Orange Sakura females? 



Thanks for anyone's input! 

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The second could be a low quality orange, but REALLY low. Orange shrimp come from red cherry shrimp, so this one is a reversion to the wildtype. Or it's just a wt cherry that got mixed in. If he breeds with the orange females you might see some orange offspring, but expect at least an overall decrease in quality, if not many wt shrimp like this one.

As for the first picture, I can only speculate. If the shrimp is healthy, I wouldn't worry about it. It could be from birth or an injury from when it was a juvenile, or maybe the beginning of a molt/a partial molt. Not much to be done in any case.

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I wouldn't worry so much about the first shrimp, as long as it is happy, healthy, and molting. Unless you are worried about spreading this genetic defect to future shrimplets. If I were you I would cull the second shrimp to ensure the low quality does not get passed on.

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