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5+1 CRS culls $20 shipped


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Interested in trying your hand at caridinas but worried about screwing it up and killing expensive shrimp?


I've got one package of 5 (+1 extra in case of DOA) CRS culls.  

Perfectly healthy shrimp, they've just got poor white coverage (kinda translucent) 




Older juveniles, mixed sex.

They come from a tank of S-SS grade, so could still pop out pretty babies.


Born and raised in a tank with suboptimal params for caridinas, so maybe a little hardier than some you'd find for sale.

(turns out the rocks in my "pretty" tank are not inert.)


PH 6.7 

KH 1

GH 6

TDS ~350


I started a new project tank, so I no longer have an empty tank to throw my culls into.  

They've gotta go, and id rather not feed them to my puffers.


$20 shipped in an insulated box (medium priority) , breather bag, with a lil moss to cling to.

If spring has not yet sprung in your area, I can go find a heat pack to toss in there.


This put the shrimp themselves at ~$1 a piece



And if you want it, since ill be shipping stuff anyway, i've got some of what I think is salvinia minima -> http://i.imgur.com/vNatCJ6.jpg

and rotala rotundifolia clippings that I could send as well.

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