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Microbe-Lift Artemiss: any experiences with it?

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I've had good experiences in the past using this for an angelfish and tetra tank. It also did not seem to affect the several Amano shrimp I had in there, but I'm curious if anyone has used this to treat bacterial infections in shrimp? I may have one affected RCS and I'm thinking that it would be handy to have some medication on hand. I plan on grabbing some Melafix regardless.


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I knew I had heard of this before...

I think Monty may have used their pond substrate as well.

Thanks Shrimple. The post looks like it's referencing their clay substrate which actually looks interesting since its inert but supposedly buffers towards neutral.

The product I'm wondering about is the "Artemiss" which is a kind of herbal liquid for bacterial-based infections. I used the "Herbtana" product in the past for parasitic infections which did great job getting rid of ich.

Will stop by the LFS for Melafix since that seems like a good safe option.

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