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MTS breeding


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I have a figure 8 puffer and I gave it 3 MTS one night about a month ago. i have my tanks on timers so they turn on on there own and off. but yesterday I manually turned the lights off mid day for about 2 hours, when I turned them on the whole glass was filled with baby MTS and the puffer went crazy and ate them all. I didn't know that MTS could breed like that in brackish water. its an endless snail frenzy for my puffer every time the lights go back on.


anyone have this happen where MTS or snails in general breed in a puffer tank?

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Not in a puffer tank, but I keep a type of MTS in my opae'ula tank that breed quite well in brackish water. They are a very small version, largest I have is barely a half inch long. No major boom of snails, they live off what algae is on the tank, as the opae'ula only get feed about once a month with actual shrimp food. Otherwise they live off the algae as well. They are breeding quite nicely.


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When I was researching pea puffers some guy on the internet who seemed to know what he was talking about said with puffers it was actually a good idea to run the tank 2-3 mos and breed MTS.  This would give the puffers a constant food source.  Looks like that is what you have going on.  So awesome :)

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