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Bought some new stuff

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Hi there

I bought some new stuffs for try.

I want to see if there is any differents in srhimp tank using them .

Now for food i use hikari algae wafer, lot of leaves, and some food of tropical.


I bought to try.


Shirakura Ebi Dama

Dennerle Crusta Gran

Genchem Biomax Shrimp Food

GlasGarten Shrimp Baby Food

Pro Shrimp Bee Pollen

GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks Snow Flakes


and for water

GlasGarten Bacter AE

Genchem Beta-G

Salty Shrimp Easy Filter Powder


The only one i had used again is easy filter,

Snow flakes are amazing, and  i like genchem biomax food.

What dosage are you recommend for GlasGarten Bacter AE ,Genchem Beta-G ,GlasGarten Shrimp Baby Food ?

i keep crs , neos yellow , orange ,topaz, red, snowballs and sullawesi dennerle.

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