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Chytrid Fungus


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I have had several adfs that have died to supposedly chytrid recently.  I just bought 3 red cherry shrimp [that have not been exposed] and I have an existing ghost shrimp that ha been exposed currently living with the 1 dying adf. I have not put my rcs with the other guys because I'm scared that they will get it and die.  I have scrubbed down my tank and all the caves etc. I have also thrown out all my live plants as I have read that they will carry it.  Will my ghost and red cherry shrimp get this fungus?

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It can apparently grow on freshwater shrimp, but is non-pathogenic/won't hurt them like it does frogs:




Edit: For people who can't get behind the paywall, the specific shrimp they tested were Caridina zebra and some Machrobrachium species. RCS are probably fine.


Double edit for a disclaimer: I am neither a mycologist nor a shrimp doctor.

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