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Neo shrimp not breeding?

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So, I don't think my shrimp have gotten the memo that spring time means they're suppose to be breeding. 


I've got 6 orange sakura shrimp (2 males, 4 females), every female has a saddle, but nobody is getting berried! They've been in this tank since November, and I've yet to have anybody breed successfully. I got a couple berried females months ago, but now I don't even get those. The tank is 2.5 gallons, heavily planted, has thick patches of moss, no other inhabitants, and all water parameters check out fine, I'd even say they're ideal for neos. I don't dose with anything, except the occasional drop of Kent's Iodide, and I feed Hikari Shrimp Cuisine about 2x a week. I'm getting regular molts, and everyone is definitely mature enough for breeding, I'm actually worried about a couple of my girls passing from old age soon. 


Does anybody have any idea why I'm not getting any babies?  Because I have no clue! 

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It will happen, it's a diminutive tank so in my experience the breeding rate slows up compared to bigger tanks, just keep your water changes up and do them slowly and you should be rewarded.


Just double check the offspring can't be sucked into the filter :)

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Water changes are key. I find it helps trigger mating. Just last night I did a 10% wc in my 3 gallon that I had put off for a while because I noticed they weren't breeding. This morning I noticed 3 berried after looking for only a minute or so! Purplepanda is right too, make sure you add the water back slow. I like to drip it back in over about an hour or more

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