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MOSURA EROS: It works (?)

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I've always been curious about the concentrated chitin (pronounced "kītn") breeding products, so I went ahead and ordered some Mosura Eros from Oblong (theshrimptank) and received it today. I did the math on the directions they give and added 4 drops into a 3g with about 20 shrimp made up of various TBs, taitibees, and some snowballs. I began recording about 1 minute after addition. I give you The Dance of the Bees:


So far looks good! Andy (Mayphly) and I tried a bit of a similar product this weekend on one of this Tibee(?) tanks and got a bit of a similar reaction. So now I guess we wait and see if there are several berried shrimp in the coming week? I also added it to a 3g with some mature mischlinge to run a parallel test.

But I am curious what everyone's thoughts are on these products (Dance, Eros, Gravidas, etc...) after using them?

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