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first babies!


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I'm so excited!  New to shrimp keeping..well I had ghost shrimp that bred like crazy in my heavily planted guppy/molly tank.  Those suckers were tough!  They can take on a guppy any day.:)


Anyway I got some pretty prl's from SKA Shrimp a couple months ago.  Love them and I was so surprised today to see my first couple of babies!  The picture is bad...but I have a question:


I usually do a water change tomorrow - 10% weekly.  Should i wait a week or something?  I think I read that somewhere...


Thanks :)


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1 hour ago, Rivergardennursery said:

Test your water, if it is okay no need for the change.  Let the babies have stable water.  Congrats :)

Thanks :)  I tested my water and ammonia and nitrite are 0 and nitrates are 5.   TDS is fine.

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