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Is this trustworthy?


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Yeah, that chart is weird... You can't really keep any neos together:

1.) you'll get WT

2.) If you keep some together from the same line (eg. Blue carbons with carbon rilis or RCS with Red rili, etc.) you risk losing the rili trait.

On the other hand, you can keep a lot of different mixtures of bee shrimp together and not have to worry. However, there are certain shrimp that will decrease the overall gene quality. For instance, if you keep TBs with CRS, you'll get mischlings upon interbreeding. They're not the prettiest, but they're okay and will give you TBs the more they're bred back with TBs.

The biggest consideration is water params. Maybe consider high pH/inert substrate tank with bees bred in high pH and neos, or low pH/active soil with neos bred in low pH and bees.

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