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Normal berried mom behavior?

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I am very new to this...I have had my shrimp for about two weeks.  Everything is making me nervous and thrilled all at once. I have 11 shrimp in a four gallon tank.  There have been four molts and 'lots of activity.  Anyway, I found that I have one berried female and she has been hiding in the back of the tank for the most part, so it has been difficult to observe her behavior, however, today she has been in the front of the tank and I was able to film her...Does she look healthy and is this normal behavior for a mom? 




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They will molt and try to hide because they are still weak and susceptible to being attacked/cannibalized, but also are able to become berried after molting. So the fact that she has come back out is a very good sign! Congrats, don't you just love that feeling? Sometimes I wish I could feel it again, it's like watching a great movie or hearing an amazing song for this first time.

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