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(3) Dwarf Blue Crayfish (C. Diminutus) $25 Free SH

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(3) Dwarf Blue Cambarellus Diminutus. In my experience, these look best in a lower PH aquarium with soft water. I highly recommend an active substrate that buffers PH for plants and bee shrimp. Coloration may appear more Gray in higher PH or hard water aquariums. This is one of the Smallest Crayfish species known - 1.25" when full grown. These ship as 1/4"-1/2" Juveniles. Plant friendly - breeds easily. Can be kept in groups as long as there is plenty of extra hiding spots, live plants and mosses are recommended. Driftwood will provide hiding spots and may help in lowering PH values.

Home bred in the USA

3/$25 with Free USPS Priority, Tracking number and DOA Guarantee. Buy 6 or more and get 1 free.


Dwarf Blues.jpg

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