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Please help with my Tigers


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Hi everybody,


I have noticed two of my tigers that has this weird looking deformity. They have not had it always, but this is the first time I see them like this

tank w/p are

Ph 6.6

GH 7

TDS 155

KH 0/1


The tank has been running for 8 months and this is the first time I am noticing something like this. Looks like a molt problem....

Other shrimp are fine and breeding crazy

I have added a spoon of old sea mud to help with molting, but for these two I think its a little to late :(


Not the best pics, I only had my phone with me


Anybody that have seen this before and help me in the right direction please


photo 1-3.JPG


photo 2-3.JPG



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I had a similar thing happen with one of my auras a while ago. I thought it was a bacterial infection. I isolated the shrimp and preformed daily small water changes to force it to molt. Towards the end of the week it had molted and looked normal again. Hopefully there's still hope for your tiger![emoji4]

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Thanks Mayphly,


There are 4 in total that this has happened. They just stand still, not doing anything.

Have isolated them in a breeder box, will see what happens and 1 is a full berried lady :(


I added another spoon full of old sea mud and 1ml of flourish for traces in the water.....te other shrimp are more active in the tank


will update on what happens


Quickly took out the DSLR





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What the hell?? Never heard or saw it before...

Looks like the shell is "broken" open.


What do you feed them? 

You might feed some nutricians too much which causr it to grow way faster then it can handle and causes it to explode in it shell.


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