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OEBT and Pinto questions

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So I've been reading a lot of journals lately and noticed that almost everyone use OEBT to create their pintos. Does using OEBT produce pintos faster compared to other tigers?


Im planning on setting up a couple tanks to try and make my own pinto but ATM I only have regular tigers, TB, and some fancy red tigers. When mixed together, will these produce pintos or do I have to get OEBT/BTOE?

I believe that my fancy Reds are from red tiger x red TB. They are mostly white with red stripes.

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Not an expert at creating pintos but yes the fancy tigers are tibees and to get pintos. Just breed back to a TB. Thats my understanding of creating pintos.

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Three reasons I used OEBT in my OEBT x BB project. 1) I already had them. 2) I wanted to ensure blue genetics whether female or male bred would be passed on. 3) The chance that orange eyes as a recessive trait would be passed.


It is all based on preference and what you end goal is. Breeding to pinto patterns takes time, this isn't an over the night project, I have been working on my project for quite sometime, but I want to do it right the first time. So far I am very pleased with my quality and patterns I have received.


Hope this helps!



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