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Tibees and fancy tigers for sale


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Fancy tigers for sale -$4 ea - limited quantities - patterns may vary but mostly have white on the back and color on the head and bellies.  First come, first serve.  Peewees and juvies -  ONLY 5 peewees left -  I have lots of berried mommas in the tank though so more will be available in the coming months





Tibees - I've had this tank for over 3 years so this is several generations in.  The tank started with super tiger X wild bee tibees, psuedo tibess (TT crosses), C grade/Super Red CRS females, CBS mischlings and OEBTs.  All sort of patterns have been popping up in the last year.  ONLY TIBEES available, no OEBTs, no Taiwans, no C grade/Super CRS.


$3.50 ea - peewees, juvies, some subadults





Paypal only, shipping is $12 Priority in styro lined box.  Please email me at kalnight@aol.com as I often do not get notifications to messages on the site. In the case of DOAs photo must be taken of shrimp still in the bag within 2 hours of delivery.  Shipping non refundable.


Parameters for these are

6.8 pH

GH 5-6

KH 0-1

TDS 150-200

Temp (currently 74 in these tanks, they run about 68 in the winter and up to 76 or so in the summer)



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