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My Natural Nano Tank


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Hey everyone, newish to the forum, never introduced myself, I'm Kizzle from England keeping dream blue shrimp and one maylasian trumpet snail, so I thought I show my Nano tank. I like seeing aquascape designs and always admired pure natural designs, thought I give mine a go lol no where as good as the pros tho.


Here is my setup, I had trouble designing a cave/hide area for my shrimp so just threw the slates together and got this, lots of openings, inside I have placed loose moss hoping the shrimp will use it as a breeding ground, I left a slight gap so the moss still gets a bit of light.


This is to show the moss inside with a torch but behind to the right is an opening for the moss to get light hopefully is will grow upwards that's the plan, also looks pretty dark in there for shrimp to hide even with a torch shining in lol, I was never a fan of a moss ball, so I got moss carpet, didn't have room for the subtrate to place on so the plan is to let it grow over the rock


Got another hiding place for the shrimp, a log with moss tied on and a leaf for them to hide and eat behind is my planted area 


I plan to get hanging moss for my wood but algae has grown instead which is a bonus, the big plant is tied on driftwood, I plan to get more plants, these seem to grow really well already planted small versions by the slate rock 


"Oh hai dere!"


Hunting down my blue dream shrimp to show, she the darkest blue so hopefully she survives and brings more to the tank 


And finally a night time light looks better in person lol 

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