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Turning over (yet another) new leaf...

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At Tannin, a healthy obsession with this vibe of wood, leaves, and botanicals has powered what we only half-jokingly refer to as the "New Botanical" movement in aquarium keeping. "New", because, even though materials like these have been used by aquarists for decades, it was more for a "utilitarian" purpose- such as lowering pH and imparting tannins to condition fishes, and to a lesser extent, for aesthetics.


Sure, there were plenty of "blackwater" tanks intended to create an aesthetic expression, but to me, it seemed like these tank were relegated to novelty status, or aquascaping competitions. Now days, we hear more an more aquarists saying, "I'm trying to keep Apistogramma ___________, and want to create a natural-looking display around them." Environment, aesthetics, and utility all coming together. A bit different, IMHO- and I like it! It's fun to play a small role in helping this resurgence evolve!


One of the things we love about this sort of thing is discovering, experimenting with, and offering botanical items that may have been previously hard to find, or not even available to hobbyists before. It's been particularly fun to experiment with leaves. As you know, we're huge fans of replicating leaf litter banks in our aquariums, for a wide variety of reasons! (click to read more)

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