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Help with new tank


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I swear this is my last try. Something always seems to happen. My old shrimp tank broke a couple of months ago and I lost all but 1 of my shrimp. So I decided to try one more time. I got a 10g tetra half moon tank. and set it up with eco complete at about 3/4 inch, 3 pieces of wood and a lava rock. Anubias nana and java ferns. I stopped using refresh because I was told it wasn't good for shrimp and picked up salty shrimp gh/kh to use with distilled. Out of the old tank I managed to save 1 fire red neo, 2 mystery snails and a nerite. I've cycled it about a month now. Here's the weird. The gh is around 10 but the kh is practically non existent 0 or 1. The ph is around 6.8 - 7 which using the salty shrimp it should be gh 10 kh 5 and around 7.2 ph. Ammonia is 0 and nitrite is 0 but nitrate is about 40ppm. Last night I stuck a little bag of crushed coral in to see if it made any progress. With the snails I need at least a 4 or 5 kh don't I?  Should I try to tinker with the chemistry? Or just let the tank stay at it's current level of 10 gh 0 kh and 6.8ph move the snails to my 55 and go with crystal reds instead of neos? Isn't that the perfect chem for crystals? Oh and anybody know why my nitrates would be that high with only nanas and java ferns? Is java moss a nitrate sink? here's a pic of the tank and the little sack of crushed corral. It's been in the tank 24 hrs and the kh is still 0.



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