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Are flower shrimp safe with neos?


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I bought two flower shrimp (Wood Shrimp, Asian Filter Feeding Shrimp, Singapore Shrimp, Singapore Wood Shrimp, Singapore Flower Shrimp, Fan Shrimp, Bamboo Shrimp and Atyopsis moluccensisfrom an LFS last Sunday.  I bought them to help with floating detritus in a 90g, but my OCD compels me to quarentine every time,  so the two large shrimp went into a 10g cull shrimp tank to keep my eye on. 


I added a small powerhead to the tank, since there was only a sponge filter and plants and the flower shrimp like current. 


The shrimp are so large and clumsy compared to the neos, but they seem harmless the way they spread their netted feet to catch food and detritus, and they eat little pieces by little, but I couldn't find very much info about keeping them with other shrimp species. 


Are flower shrimp safe to keep with neocaridina shrimp?


I found an adult neo shrimp dead yesterday.  It was odd, I was admiring that same shrimp earlier that afternoon, she looked completely healthy to me,  swimming in the maze of guppy grass leaves,  looked like she was grazing.... like I said,  I was admiring.  Then BAM!  Next time I looked in the tank,  there was a shrimp upside down and it was her!


Parameters are perfect and other shrimp look good.   I added 6 nerites and 3 cheap poor quality blue diamond neo at the same time as the flower shrimp.  They are all quarentining.  There was no ammonia spike,  at least,  0 now.


Note: The dead shrimp was not one of the blue diamond shrimp I just added.  She was a mutant offspring cull that had been in the same tank for at least a month, probably two. 


I just don't see an ammonia spike being responsible due to new additions over a week later and gone the next day.......(even if there was one)


So does anyone know? 


And going forward, are flower shrimp safe to keep with amano shrimp? 

I have 10 or so amanos in the 90g where the flower shrimp will be going. 


My LFS said they were totally safe,  but I could use a second opinion! 



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I've had Giant Blue Wood/Vampire/Viper Shrimp, Bamboo/Singapore Flower Shrimp and Green Lace Shrimp (all larger filter feeder/fan shrimp) with Neos and Amanos, and had no issues at all. Only advice is if you are going to keep filter feeders, a area with good water flow/current for the fan shrimp to sit at filter feed will keep chances more likely that they will get enough food to eat (sponge filters/air pump driven filters aren't the best at providing a good current).

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Thanks ShrimpP!  I guess that neo just dropped dead then.....

Shortly after I posted this,  I let my paranoia go wild and thought a broken piece of wood was the upper part of a neo cut in two!   Lol!


They are peaceful,  I found out-finally.  Safe to keep with neos, caridina, amano, nerites,  anything that won't hurt them! 


And thanks for the heads up about feeding.  I added a powerhead halfway down the tank and the shrimp sit on top (or underneath) the DW covered in java fern with their net-paws open in the current.   Peridocally, I feed food for shrimplets,  and tussle the DW and stir things up.   


The 90g where they will be going eventually has A LOT of places to hide flow, and A LOT of floating detritus!


I threw in a video of one of the flower shrimp shortly after adding them to the quarentine tank.  The other one took longer to feel at home.  Now they both have discovered how to catch the particles in the net-paws, as opposed to picking them up off the floor of the aquarium, so I think they are ok :)

You can see how the particles move in the current in the video.



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