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Next input for new batch of shrimps


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Dear all,


can check how long is the "open window" period for the next input of shrimps?

Had encounter a die by die dying of shrimps starting from 2 weeks back.. the last day my last shrimp die is 14th july.. which is 1 week after from now.


can check how long do i have to wait for my next batch input of shrimps>


is 1 or 2 weeks enough?


currently had stop feeding them



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So is July 14th the last day ur final shrimp died as in there's no more in that tank? Mine are also dying one by one but i've managed to stop it for a few days and I realized it's a cycling problem so now I have to cycle another tank and keep them alive as the other one cycles. :( I would check your water parameters with a master kit and do you know why  they were dying?

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Have you checked your water parameters? 

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I'd keep quarantine and add some leaves for the tannin + helpful immunity boosters the benefit the shrimp a lot. :)

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