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The restlessness of the "perpetual editor..."

Tannin Aquatics

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I love aquascaping, and thinking about ideas for concept aquariums. I like to look at things a bit differently. Tannin was founded based upon looking at things a bit differently. I think I have a strong sense of aesthetic; or, at least the kind of aesthetic that I find attractive.


However, occasionally- I get these bouts of “aquarium indecisiveness.” Do you ever get that? I've touched on this before, but it's really become a predictable habit with me. Let me explain. It’s like, I’ll have this awesome plan for stocking the aquarium I've been working on for a while; I get this vision of executing on the plan and ending up with an aquarium that looks just like I imagined it would, aquascaped exactly how I envisioned, stocked exactly how I envisioned, and running just like I expected. So, I tediously conceive, design, build, and equip the system. When I finish setting it up, the aquascape that I spent countless sleepless nights conceiving comes together. Then…I stare at the promising, yet unstocked new tank and…edit.


Yeah, you heard me, I’ll “edit.”, gradually dissecting my beautiful concept and morphing it into something else. Moving this. Re-positioining that. Taking out an element, A lot of people will call this process “evolution”, or view it as a necessary stage in the development of a reef aquarium. I call it “ADD” or something.Not sure. All of the sudden, I’ll see an article about ephemeral floating leaf litter beds or a dive video of an Amazonian igarape, and my carefully conceived African River biotope goes out the window. Off we go into a totally different direction!


I think I’m what I like to classify as a “Perpetual Editor” type of aquarium personality. (click to read more)

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