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Super Clean water or humic acids

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Hello all,


I've always used Purigen and active carbon in my shrimp tanks, with good succes. Gets the water super clean and acts as a safty net when external polutants get in.

The downside is that all the humic, fulvic and other acids gets adsorbed and that the positive effect of the leafs also dissapear.

So, are the benefits of the acids and leafs more importent than the cleanness of the water? And is there any wat to get Both?

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I'm a shrimp rookie, but I use SL-Aqua Dark Extract, alder cones, and an assortment of leaves in my TB tank. I think the many benefits you get from them are important for your shrimp. I rely on RO water, montmorillonite clay, mironekutron, mineral balls, an HMF, and Aqua Clear 20 for filtration and neutralizing impurities. Also minimize putting your hands in the tank. Just what's working for me. [emoji4]

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