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A forest in the dark?

Tannin Aquatics

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I never portray myself as an expert on aquatic plants. In fact, I never portray myself as "knowledgable" about 'em. 


Oh, sure, I love aquatic plants and the look and benefits they bring, it's just that my primary focus has always been on the hardscape and fishes, and plants have sort of fulfilled an undeserved "supporting" role in my recent aquariums. Obviously, most of my recent freshwater aquarium efforts have been dominated by stuff like wood, leaves, and seed pods. Items which lower the pH and contribute to that "tint" which you hear me ranting on about non-stop.


And the key here is "tint"- because that's been the big hesitancy for a lot of hobbyists who want to play with plants in a blackwater system. The concern of many is that the tint imparted by the tannins will inhibit the growth and/or coloration of their plants. I'm not aware of any specific issues related to the tannin in the water inhibiting plant growth. Although many natural blackwater environments have few aquatic plants and little algae, so there's obviously more to it.(click to read more)

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