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As we plunge ever deeper into the world of blackwater aquariums, it seems that there are a lot of different "projects" that we as amateur aquarists can work on that will help unlock some of the secrets and challenges of their care. Even though hobbyists have been playing with blackwater-type tanks for years, it's been only very recently that they are sort of stepping out of the shadows and emerging as an interesting alternative to a conventional "clear water" tank. We've learned a lot already- but there is so much more to learn!


The blackwater world presents a real "ground floor" opportunity for the intrepid hobbyist to get involved, experiment, and contribute to the body of knowledge accumulating on the aquarium replication of these unique habitats. Each new aquarium- each new application of botanicals- every spawning attempt, biotope replication...for that matter, every pH and alkalinity test that we do- helps contribute to the data we have on the husbandry of blackwater systems. You are truly on the cutting edge here, and everyone's contribution is important! (click to read more)

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