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Those who came before us...

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Who are your biggest aquarium hobby influences? Who influences your philosophy on fish keeping, breeding, etc?


You know, who influenced you the way Muddy Waters influenced Led Zeppelin, or the way Roxy Music influenced Duran Duran, or how Dr. Dre influenced 50 Cent, or...well, you get it? 



Who were the aquarium hobbyists who made you want to do all the cool stuff that you do? The ones who paved the way, laid down the carpet, set up the groundwork of your hobby experience? 


For me, growing up in a house full of guppy tanks (My dad was a big fancy guppy fan), the names that came up often were the legendary guppy breeders of the day- Paul Hahnel. His books were all over my dad's fish library, so it was only natural that I'd end up reading them as a kid. (click to read more)
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