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Couple packages up for grabs.


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Packages up for grabs. If you win my roak and you get a package and I can ship it out on Monday I will throw in a free extreme king kong or 5 bloody marrys.

10 bloody marrys $50 shipped

10 blue dreams $65 shipped

10 red tibees $100 shipped

10 oebt tibees $60 shipped

10 tangtai  $50 shipped

10 red wine michilings $50 shipped

10 michilings cbs and crs mix $45 shipped

10 yellow king kongs $70 shipped

10 ghost bees $90 shipped

10 TGOE prl s grade $100 shipped 

10 blue bolts $150 shipped

10 pandas $70 shipped

10 extreme king kongs $200 shipped

5 zebra multi stripe $120 shipped

10 tangerine tigers $50 shipped

10 black Rose  $80 shipped

10 blue velvet  $40 shipped 

10 chocolates $40 shipped

Take $10 off for every package you add on after the first one.


Huge roak on usa freshwater Facebook page

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