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greetings to the shrimpers community


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Hi my name is trong and have just discovered your site. I am pleased to find others who support the growth of this community. I will be plunking around looking to learn how to increase the odds of success for crystal red shrimp. ive been in the hobby 30 yrs. started with reefs and moved to planted tanks were i have learned how much there is to learn. i currently have a 90 gallon high tech planted fish tank and a 20 gallon high tech planted shrimp tank. my shrimp tank has an abundance of breeding red cherry shrimp so I'd like to add Crystal Red bee shrimp.  I've read this is done all the time? Please feel free to comment and share anything to help with success of CRS. I look forward to learning here

tank stats-

Gh 5                             

Kh 1.5

TDS 230

Kno3 10 to 15ppm

Po4 .5to1ppm

Co2 injected modestly and monitored 

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