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How are substrates made?

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Specifically plant and shrimp substrates.


I understand how they work and whats in them for the most part, but how are the materials sourced? How are the pellets formed? Is there some kind of bonding agent? They're generally baked, yes? How do?


Can any of you guys link me to a site (with pictures; I like pictures) that gives a run though on how they're created.

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I'm not sure if it's explained anywhere with pictures, that would be cool! But I believe you are right with the baking. I would imagine the soil is pelleted with a machine similar to a ricer then baked for a long time and a low temp just to dry it out. Maybe not, idk.

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You're probably right about the ricer type machine.


It's most often baked, I'm sure, but I'm betting there is some type of bonding agent that holds it together. Anybody have any insight into what that might be?



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