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pH problems!


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Do you know what the KH of the water is? What are you using as your water source, tap or remineralized RODI water?

If I had to guess I would say your KH is high, causing the pH to rise.

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Got any cool Japanese rocks (seiryu stones and such) or limestone in your tank?

What is your tap PH? I assume you are using tap and not RO/Distilled.

Is your substrate something like crushed limestone?

Any buffers like drift wood?


While there are products like PH Down that will give you a short term solution I believe the advice here is to set your tank up to naturally run a lower PH.

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My ph from tap is 8.4 which actually makes sense for the issue.  I have inert substrate and a thing of driftwood in the tank with only a few "mineral rocks" in the tank aswell.  Any suggestions on how to lower this other than buying an R.O. unit? And if that's my only hope any suggestions on an affordable descent one to get?

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